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Your dentures not fitting right could cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. Don’t struggle; come to Dentures Direct Services in Elm Mott, TX. Our experts will get the right impressions and will make dentures that fit like a dream!


We know how difficult it can be for you to manage without your dentures, even for a day! Take advantage of our same-day denture services. This means that if you lose your dentures or they break, it is possible to get it repaired or replaced by the end of the day.

Call for details.

When you need dentures that will fit well and will last longer, you should come to Dentures Direct Services. Our locally-owned business has an in-house lab; this is why we’re able to give you fast, affordable, and quality dentures. Call 254-829-0497 for details.




Elm Mott, TX

Dentures Direct
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