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BYOT Auto Parts

BYOT Auto Parts is an environmentally friendly Self Service Automotive Parts Recycler that allows our customers to pull their own parts and save BIG. Bring Your Own Tools and pull your own parts from our huge selection of inventory. Our customers can generally expect to save up to 75% off of used auto parts with BYOT when compared to new parts pricing!



We pride ourselves on maintaining one of the safest, cleanest, & most environmentally friendly salvage yards in the country! We do this because we care about the environment and we care about you, our customer! We truly appreciate your business and want to ensure that you come to BYOT Auto Parts for all of your automotive needs!


Our car buyer purchases new inventory daily. Once new inventory arrives we drain the fluids and set the vehicle upon wheels stands in the customer yard for easy access. Then it’s time to “Bring Your Own Tools” and pull the parts you need. Need a vehicle to drive? We sell used cars too! Stop by and check out our selection of used cars for sale and you’ll find the best deal in town!

BYOT Auto Parts
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